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the begining
the first post

The only son of a poverty stricken farmer, young Sol would ask his father to tell him stories about his mother. Though he knew, by the look on his fathers face, that it grieved him greatly to think about it, he needed to understand why the gods would allow his mother to die while giving birth to him. Times where tough for this family of two. No matter how hard they worked, it seemed to provide only what they needed to survive. A never ending cycle, one that continues to deliver nothing but heartache. During Sol’s eighth year, the drought was so bad, the old man wasn’t about to pay the tribute a local band of outlaws required for protection. For their payment they ripped the young lad from the farmers hands and said “this will be payment enough”… all the begging and wailing wasn’t enough for the bandits to show either one of them mercy.
Within a week the young lad was in the possession of a mining camp, bound to live a life of labor. All hope of ever seeing his father again faded in bitter release.
A few years later, the boy held the stature of a man, a big man, a strong man. He knew something had to change if he and the others were to ever have freedom again. His heart longed for freedom, not just his own, but freedom for all who were oppressed, for all that had lost hope. Day after day the beatings continued…
Till one day, THAT day, the day when he saw a chance… a glimmer of hope began to rise in his heart. A new shipment of workers arrived. There was something about them. Something undefinable. These new slaves did not have the look of slaves, their eyes, something about their eyes. Alert, unbroken, trained. Was this the opportunity he had been waiting for? Was this the day of salvation?
The sun had set, the night was calm and all were warn from the day. Now is the time, Now was when the years of planning and preparation would pay off. Now he had the means to an end of this HELL!
He approached who appeared to be leader of the newcomers, ""tomorrow we break free…". Though it wasn’t that easy to convince them of his competence, they did end up believing his plan would work. The next morning at sunrise, when their strength was renewed and the masters were relaxed, they put their plan to action. One after another the guards fell by the brunt of the hammers, the piercing of the picks. Blood flew to the right and left, till the last man stood. Many slaves stood in awe, not knowing what to do. So many years of tyranny had taken it’s toll. Once the gates were destroyed a new hope had arisen. The heat of the sun beating down on their faces had never felt so good. For the first time in years, the fresh air breathed of freedom. They all went their own way in hopes of discovering a new life.
Standing there on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the plains with the promise of tomorrow, Sol stood. Wondering what the day would bring, where to go, what to do. All he knew was a new day had dawned. He would fight those that held down his countrymen. Bring hope to the weary.
All he had to do was decide, where would he start?

after Sol liberated the slave mine, and after he has gathered up his materials he sees the future, the promise of tomorrow. With his riches in store from the quantities of the camps food and ore he sets off. he sees the road stretching and winding around the mountain down to the plain he knows that off in the distance there is a town.


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